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Up to 70% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous natural abortion. In most of them, the woman doesn’t even know she’s pregnant.

English: St Helen's Church, Abingdon, Berkshire

St Helen’s Church, Abingdon, Berkshire, England

Aborigines, whose culture reaches back to the last Ice Age, can name and locate mountains that have been under the sea for 8,000 years.

Abnepos is Latin for ‘great-great-grandson’.

Abkhazian, spoken in the Caucasus, is said to be the world’s hardest language to learn, with 70 sounds but only two vowels. Each verb has several million forms.

Abingdon, Oxfordshire is the oldest continually occupied town in England. People have lived there for at least 6,000 years.

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Axe Brewery

In the Middle Ages, the ground underneath Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament was known as Thorney Island. It lay between two branches of the River Tyburn (which today flows directly under the Treasury in Parliament Street). The earliest known building on the site of Downing Street was the Axe brewery owned by the Abbey of Abingdon. It had fallen into disuse by the early 16th century.