António de Oliveira Salazar

António de Oliveira Salazar (28 April 1889 – 27 July 1970) served as the Prime Minister of Portugal from 1932 to 1968. He also served as acting President of the Republic briefly in 1951.

Português: Antonio de Oliveira Salazar

António de Oliveira Salazar

He founded and led the Estado Novo ‘New State’, the authoritarian, right-wing government that presided over and controlled Portugal from 1932 to 1974.

The Estado Novo has been described as a far-right leaning regime of para-fascist inspiration. He never declared his government as officially fascist, but he did give three days national morning after Adolf Hitler died.

As de jure dictator of Portugal, he suffered a stroke in 1968. He was replaced as ruler, but was never told. Ironically, he went to the grave thinking that he was still ruling the country.

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