Apatheism is defined as apathy towards belief and disbelief in gods. Apatheism (a portmanteau of ‘apathy’ and ‘theism’) is the belief that the very question of whether or not deities exist is not relevant or meaningful in life. Apatheists are not even interested in addressing any claims for or against god(s).

“It is very important not to mistake hemlock for parsley; but not at all so to believe or not in God.” – Denis Diderot

Apatheism sometimes goes a bit further and asserts that even if it were proven conclusively and without a doubt that some sort of god existed, then the person’s general behaviour and life would not change.

‘Theist: Believe in Jesus and reform your sinful life! God will throw you in hell!
Atheist: No, religion is a mental disease!
Apatheist: Hey guys, try apatheism. It’s very nice. You won’t have to care about this issue!’ – Urban Dictionary

According to the philosopher Kant, this indifferentism represents an extreme form of skepticism which argues that there is no rational ground for truly accepting any philosophical position.