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Kiwifruit use up more than their own weight in aviation fuel getting from New Zealand to Europe.


Foeniculum Vulgare or Fennel

According to Andrew Marshall’s writings on Burma in The Trouser People, the Burmese idiom, “Excuse me sir, but I see your department store is open, even on weekends,” means, “Your fly is open.”

Finocchio (fennel) is Italian street slang for a homosexual.

Sheep are castrated without breaking the skin.

Andrew Graham-Dixon discovered that the painter Caravaggio accidentally killed Ranuccio Tomassoni on a tennis court. He was merely attempting to cut off his testicles.

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Age-otori is a Japanese word meaning ‘looking less attractive after a hair-do’.

The Gerber Baby.

The Gerber Baby

Athens is the only city in Europe where the air is cleaner inside than outside.

The footprints of the 12 astronauts who walked on the moon are still there. There is no weather on the moon.

The Afrikaans for astrology is sterrewiggelary.

Gerber baby foods was poorly marketed in Africa, because people though they were selling babies. This is because in Africa between 40 or 50 percent cannot read so packaging always represents what is inside the jar. The jar had a picture of a white baby on it to show it was baby food. However, people thought that the food contained babies, and white babies which did not like any local children. The picture of the baby on the jar was of Anne Turner Cook, later to become a novelist.

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Radial Tree

A Radial tree, or radial map, is a method of displaying a tree structure or tree data structure in a way that expands outwards, radially. It is one of many ways to visually display a tree. With examples extending back to the early twentieth century. In use, it is a type of information graphic.

A Sacrifice for your Country

In the second world war, civil servants from the ministry of labour visited the big estates to see if some people could be released for essential war work. This work of the civil servants involved checking several duties and timing labour activities of members of staff. While visiting the household of the Duke of Devonshire one civil servant remarked:

“Well your grace, we can understand that you need forty-seven gardeners and thirteen under-gardeners, several grooms, chauffeurs, upstairs maids, downstairs maids, in-between maids, laundry room maids, stool room maids, kitchen maids, nurse maids, housemaids, and parlour maids. And we understand you need the boys to scrape your knives and polish your shoes, the butlers, and four footman. But we were wondering if a minor economy could be made; is it truly necessary your grace needs two pastry chefs?”

To which the Duke replied: “Oh damn it! Can’t a man have a biscuit?”

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