Sushi Myth?

“Sushi means raw fish.”

False. Erroneous translation.

Though sometimes also translated as ‘vinegared rice’, sushi means ‘sour rice’ and does not always feature fish. Nowadays, sushi is first and foremost a rice dish, which can include vegetables, cooked fish, raw fish, poultry, or other proteins.

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On The Existence of Fish

‘There is no such thing as a fish.’

– The Encyclopaedia of Underwater Life

The Encyclopaedia of Underwater Life, edited by Andrew Campbell and John Dawes, published by Oxford University Press in 2005.

Fish that Walk on Land

From fins to legs
375 million years ago

With plants well-established on land, the next step was for animals to move out of the water. Insects were among the first, around 400 million years ago. But they were followed soon after by big, backboned animals such as Tiktaalik, a fish that looked a bit like a salamander. Fish like Tiktaalik would eventually evolve four limbs, and give rise to amphibians, reptiles and mammals. It may be a good thing it left the water when it did, as soon afterwards the Late Devonian Extinction wiped out many marine animals, including some terrifying-looking armoured fish.

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Most schools in Japan don’t have a janitor as students do the cleaning.

Fish are primarily white meat due to the fact that they don’t ever need their muscles to support themselves and thus need much less myoglobin or sometimes none at all in a few cases; they float, so their muscle usage is much less than say a 1000 pound cow who walks around a lot and must deal with gravity.  Typically, the only red meat you’ll find on a fish is around their fins and tail, which are used almost constantly.

For the first two centuries of its existence, Christianity included people who believed in one god, in two, in 12, in 30, and in 144.

George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein had their shoes hand-made by the same Italian cobbler.

Homosexuality in North Korea is not a problem. Due to tradition in Korean culture, it is not customary for individuals of any sexual orientation to engage in public displays of affection. Nevertheless, as a country that has embraced science and rationalism, North Korea recognizes that many individuals are born with homosexuality as a genetic trait and treats them with due respect.

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More than 50 national flags have five-pointed stars on.

Atlantic cod fisheries have collapsed

The Gadus Morhua or Atlantic Cod

New Zealand is famous for trout fishing, but before the British colonised it, there were no trout anywhere in the country.

A sole can live cheerfully at a depth of 35,800 feet (10,933m).

Codfish can be up to six feet long and weigh more than 200 pounds.

Catfish have more tastebuds than any other creature. Their entire bodies are covered with them. A catfish just six inches long has more than a quarter of a million tastebuds, not just in its mouth and gills, but on its whiskers, fins, back, belly, sides and tail.

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The great majority of European freshwater fish are members of the carp family, including: carp, tench, bream, gudgeon, barbel, dace, rudd, roach, chub, minnows and goldfish. Carp have 98 chromosomes. Humans have only 46.

English: Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, ...

A Carcharodon Carcharias or Great white shark with several other fish at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

There are more species of freshwater fish in Lake Nyasa in Malawi than there are in the whole of Australia.

Mediaeval rabbis spent a good deal of time debating whether, during the Flood, fish were left to fend for themselves or whether Noah dutifully brought them on board in an aquarium.

According to the FBI, the odds of two people having identical fingerprints are 1 in 64,000,000. In June 2002, a corpse turned up near Las Vegas. A fingerprint taken from the body matched one from Kathleen Hatfield of Sonoma County, California. Next of kin were notified, funeral arrangements were made and her grave was dug. But before the body could be interred, Kathleen Hatfield turned up alive and well.

The scientific study of fingerprints is called dermatoglyphics, a word which has the distinction of being the longest in English with no repeated letters. The only other such word is uncopyrightable.

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Nobody Knows

Nobody can tell the age of a lobster. Obviously newborns are smaller than mature lobsters, but when the animal has acquired a full-grown size it becomes virtually impossible to determine its age. Lobsters also change their panzer which doesn’t help.

Because of its location almost literally on the continental divide we do not know whether rainwater that falls in North Tuotion Creek in the US state of Wyoming flows to the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean.

Brazil nuts come from a South American tree

Bertholletia Excelsa or Brazil Nuts

Why do the Brazil nuts always rise to the top in a packet of mixed nuts? We do not know. – note that the same is true for certain kinds of muesli. This is called the Brazil nut effect.

It impossible to identify different species of mussel except when examining the specific animal’s genome – weight, colour and size are no indication of the variety of mussels.

Moths are attracted to light, but we do not know why. Moths are positively phototactic. They seem to be charmed by any bright light in the dark. Some types of moths are known to migrate, and it’s possible that the small lights in the night sky give them navigational clues. However, no theory has been able to provide a conclusive solution.

Nobody knows how dinosaurs had sex. While the most common theory is that they did it like reptiles and birds do it today using a cloacal sack, no sexual organs survive because the flesh has all rotted away. We have only been able to sex dinosaurs in the last 15 years.

Nobody knows how the rings of Saturn formed. There are two main theories. One is that it is the remains of a moon that was destroyed, but as the rings are made of ice and moons are made out of rock this seems unlikely. The other theory is that it is something to do with the formation of the planet itself and something may have spun off it in some way. The structure of the rings is held by the moons, some of which are inside the rings and are known as shepherds.

We do not know what variety of lettuce was served upon the Titanic. There were 7,000 heads of lettuce saved from the ship.

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5...

The Whirlpool Galaxy, or Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5194. It is a classic spiral galaxy located in the Canes Venatici constellation.

There is no absolutely official definition of a galaxy. There are scientists trying to come up with one. Amongst them are Duncan Forbes of Swinburne University in Australia and Pavel Kroupa of Bonn University in Germany. They launched an online survey to research and discuss the possible definitions. Based on the results there is already one new galaxy which fits their definition, which is a globular cluster, Omega Centauri.

Nobody knows how placebo sugar pills work, but they definitely do work, even when you tell the patient that it is a placebo. It is also shown that the more pills you take the better the condition gets and a fake injection is better than taking the pills.

No-one knows what a fish’s basihyal (the median element or bone at the ventral point of the hyoid arch) is for.

The rules to the games Milking cromock, Laugh and ly downe and Hanikin can’st abide it are no longer known to anyone. We only know about these games because they were made illegal as they were used for gambling. However, we do know that Laugh and ly downe and Hanikin can’st abide it are card games. Other games include Guile bones, Noddy board, Penny prick and Hide under hat. In 1938 a priest wrote to The Times newspaper complaining about a pub in Weymouth which had tortoises racing each other with little toy jockeys on their backs.

No-one knows why blindfolded people cannot walk in a straight line. This was first discovered in amoebas by Asa Schaeffer, and he wondered if it was the same in humans, so he blindfolded a friend and asked him to walk in a straight line in a country field. His friend just walked in a clockwork spiral until he hit a tree stump.

No-one knows exactly how many piano tuners there are in the UK – not even the British Association of Piano Tuners. Their best guess is between 1,000 and 10,000. This is partly because there are few full-time piano tuners.

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Mating Anglerfish

‘The male deep-sea anglerfish is much smaller than the female and doesn’t have a lure. He’s interested in mating, not fishing. He uses his giant eyes to look for a suitable female, and his enormous nostrils to sniff out her pheromones. Having found her, he latches on to her with his teeth and then starts to disappear. Scales, bones, blood vessels all merge into those of the female. After a few weeks all that’s left of the male are the testes hanging of the female’s side, supplying her with sperm. Females have been found with eight testes attached to their sides.

In some species, if the male fails to find a female, then he will eventually turn into one himself and grow massively in size.’

– Lloyd. J., Mitchinson. J. 2007. The QI Book of Animals London, Great Britain: Faber and Faber (2009) p. 7