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In the summer of 2013, male train drivers in Sweden circumvented a ban on shorts by wearing skirts to work in hot weather. Because of Swedish anti-sexist laws, men and women are allowed to wear the same clothes to work.

An American could become President of the United States by winning the majority of the votes in just 11 U.S. States.

The tomato has been brought back from the verge of extinction at least three times since it was first domesticated.

The word acalculia describes the inability to do sums.

Hummingbirds, bees and ants spend 80% of their day doing absolutely nothing.

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‘There had, of course, been English dictionaries in the past, the first of these being a little book of some 120 pages, compiled by a certain Robert Cawdray, published in 1604 under the title of A Table Alphabeticall, ‘of hard vsuall English wordes’ compiled, he said, for ‘Ladies … or any other unskilfull persons’. […]’

– McCrum. R., MacNeil. R., Cran. W. 1986. The Story of English London, Great Britain: BBC Books (2002) p. 136

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