Forced Anal Exams

In the last five years, forced anal examinations on men and transgender women accused of consensual same-sex relations have been reported in Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, and Zambia. These examinations have the purported objective of finding ‘proof of homosexuality’.

Needless to say, this treatment is not only a cruel, inhuman, and degrading practice that may in some cases amount to torture, it also of no evidentiary value since these exams are rooted in discredited 19th century theories that (male) homosexuals can be identified by the tone of the anal sphincter.

– Courtesy of (Human Rights Watch)

“The only people who are obsessed with food are anorexics and the morbidly obese, and that in erotic terms is the Catholic Church in a nutshell.” – Stephen Fry


The Levant is a geographic and cultural term referring to the region of the eastern Mediterranean littoral (the part of the sea closest to the shore) between Anatolia and Egypt.

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The Fertile Crescent

The Levant includes most of modern Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and sometimes parts of Cyprus, Turkey and Iraq, and corresponds roughly to the historic area of Greater Syria; however, precise definitions have varied.

The Levant has been described as the crossroads of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean and north-east Africa.

The Levant or Terra Sancta encompasses the middle section of the old Fertile Crescent.