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In Argentina, it was forbidden to say “Juan Domingo Perón” after the coup that deposed him in 1955; the media referred to him as the “Deposed Tyrant”.

Orang-utan means ‘person of the forest’ in Malay.

Liquorice is used in Chinese medicine.

94% of happy, healthy participants, when placed in a totally silent room developed tinnitus.

At the age of 100, Teiichi Igarashi became the oldest person to climb Mount Fuji – in his socks.

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The Malay word bongking means ‘sprawling face down with one’s bottom in the air’; jeremak means ‘suddenly face to face’; and jeremus means ‘to sprawl on one’s face’.

When the sculptor Bernini saw the sad expression in Van Dyck’s portrait Charles I in Three Positions, he described the King’s face as ‘doomed’. ‘Never, never’, he wrote, ‘have I beheld features more unfortunate’.

There are 44 muscles in the human face, enabling us to make more than 250,000 different expressions.

Almost half the weight of the earth’s crust is accounted for by oxygen.

More than half the earth is at least 3000 metres under the sea.