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The most expensive car ever made had no doors, no roof, no windscreen, it produced one horsepower and had a couple of garden chairs for seats. It cost 25 million pounds in 1971 and in its entire life it covered only 56 miles, which works out to about 500.000 pounds per mile. The one-off car was called the Lunar Rover or Moon Buggy and was designed by NASA for three lunar missions. The buggy was left behind by the Apollo 17 crew – the last humans to visit the moon. It is still there.

Millennium bridge at dusk, looking west up the...

Millennium bridge at dusk, looking west up the river Tyne, between Newcastle and Gateshead.

In San Fernando Valley, California, the pornography Hollywood of the world, around 4000 pornographic films are shot a year where around 60 gallons of semen are ejaculated in front of the camera.

Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, had a preference of photographing naked under-aged children aged between 6 and 14 with parental consent. He also coined the word Bandersnatch.

Pornography in the Soviet Union was largely suppressed until the final years of the USSR. According to The Pornography and Erotica Debate: USSR, sex in general was viewed as “a wasteful consumer of energies better devoted to the building of Communism.”

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge linking Gateshead and Newcastle across the River Tyne is the world’s first and (so far) only tilting bridge. It is so energy efficient it only uses £3.60 worth of electricity every time it opens and closes.

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