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The smell of freshly baked bread releases oxytocin in the brain.

In Ancient Greece, the priestess at Delphi was called the Delphic Bee; also, the Quran has a chapter titled The Bee.

Spekglad, literally ‘bacon slippery’, is Dutch for most slippery.

Poland is one of the few countries in the world, where courteous hand-kissing is still a relatively common practice.

Erotic films are pink in Japan, blue in the United States, green in Spain, and yellow in China. In fact, the Chinese produced a porn film called The Happy Yellow Handkerchief.

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Men Feel Lost

“Nowadays, men feel lost. The industrial and economic revolution has taken men out of the house, away from their elders and away from men who had to teach how to be a man. Men need to get back to basics and their tribal instincts through releasing behaviour in a simple and atavistic manner. So from cradle to grave they can be in the pursuit of seeking wisdom in a recreated atmosphere as if sitting around a camp-fire sharing stories, and hopefully reclaiming the male spirit.”

– Unknown Source