Absolutely Relative Absolute Truth

Dimitri: So, Tasso, you seem to be one of those guys who thinks there is no absolute truth, that all truth is relative.

Tasso: Right.

Dimitri: Are you sure of that?

Tasso: Absolutely.

– Cathcart. T., Klein. D. 2007. Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar New York, United States: Penguin p. 179

Conversations: Memory

Our memories will always have a problematic relationship with everything that is true.

I find it hard to believe anything I do not recall vividly. Now, something I do not remember may well be true, but I must say it rarely convinces me. For instance, it seems I have been here forever; I do not remember not existing.

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Does 0.999…∞ Equal 1?

Imagine you fill a glass with exactly one litre of water. If you pour this glass of water into three smaller glasses and make sure the amount in each of the three glasses is exactly the same, every glass would contain 0.333…∞ litres. If you pour the contents of these three glasses back into the bigger glass, you would still have one litre of water. Just keep in mind that 0.333…∞ does not terminate, and neither does 0.999…∞ Ever.

The formal calculation would be:

x = 0.999…∞
10x = 9.999…∞
10x – x = 9.999…∞ – 0.999…∞ = 9
9 = 9x
x = 1

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Falling Tree Paradox

A Juglans Regia Tree in Ticino, Switzerland

A tree fell down in the middle of the forest. If no-one was there to witness this – did it make a sound or not?

The answer is both or neither. A tree falling in the forest may or may not make a sound, depending on if you ask a semanticist or a neurologist.

For a sound may be something that is perceived by the vibration of the ear drum or the vibration of the source of the sound. But if there was no ear close enough to the tree – there could not have been a sound. After all, no-one heard the falling tree. The sound on the other hand, was most probably there for anyone to hear, but we cannot be sure of that, simply because no man can claim there is a sound if there is or was not a sound to be heard.

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