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A one-year-old baby is 30% fat.

The Latin for New Netherland was Novum Belgium; its seal depicted a giant beaver.

Lionesses will sometimes have sex 50 times a day, although each session only lasts 10 seconds. About 8% of all lion sex is gay.

When temperatures drop below 55 degrees centigrade, exhaled breath freezes immediately. Siberians call this phenomenon the ‘whisper of the stars’.

Peter Viggers, Conservative MP for Gosport, claimed over £30,000 of taxpayer’s money as gardening expenses. He built a £1,645 ‘Duck Palace’.

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Approximately 60 tons of brown paint is used every seven years to paint the Eiffel Tower.

Humans started wearing clothes 70.000 years ago.

The 13th century St. Hugh of Lincoln’s best friend was a swan.

In 1936, the Lykov family fled from the communists into the Siberian wilderness. They were found in 1978, having lived on the Russian taiga for 40 years without meeting another human being. Two of the Lykovs four children – having been born in the wilderness – had never met another human being outside their family.

In 2008, pet hamsters were banned in Vietnam.

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An estimated two million people attended the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi.

Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven when composing t...

Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven

Schubert was a torchbearer at Beethoven’s funeral.

At the funeral of King George V, 15,000 people fainted.

According to Graham Greene, because they were ‘German’, dachshunds were stoned to death on the street in Britain during World War I.

In Siberia, 1623, a single black fox-fur pelt could be exchanged for a cabin with 50 acres of land, five horses, ten cows and 20 sheep.

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