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Squirrels are from the family Sciuridae meaning ‘he who sits in the shadow of his tail’.

At the start of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro boarded a ship called the ‘grandma’.

Jiang Qing, the wife of Chairman Mao had a pet monkey who was her constant companion. She dressed it in silk, fed it fine foods and trained it to attack people as they walked through her garden.

Mafia means ‘beautiful’ in Sicilian dialect.

Currently, the Dutch spend about 5% of their national budget on defence every year. Nevertheless, the Dutch have never successfully defended their land territory in their nation’s existence.

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The ancient Greeks were fond of eating thistles, which they imported from Sicily.

1794 Delisle Map of Southern Ancient Greece, G...

1794 Delisle Map of Southern Ancient Greece

Amsterdam is built on about 90 islands, connected by about 1,000 bridges.

According to insurance statistics, the most dangerous cars are green and driven by the Chinese.

Men dining at Bangkok’s Cabbages and Condoms restaurant are entitled to a free vasectomy at the clinic next door. All diners get a condom with coffee instead of an after-dinner mint and the innovative Thai menu includes “Spicy Condom Salad”.

In Japan, when the traffic light is green the Japanese say it’s blue.