On The Quran

“The idea that this is the best book ever written – on any subject – can only be maintained in an enormous intellectual isolation.”[1]

– Sam Harris

[1] Consider: the country of Spain translates more of the world’s literature and learning into Spanish every year than the entire Arab world has translated into Arabic since the 9th century.

Fun [Adj./Noun.]

From the Middle English fon, fonne meaning ‘foolish, simple, silly, probably of North Germanic origin; related to Swedish fånig meaning ‘foolish, and fånea fool.

An alternative etymology connects the Middle English fonne to Old Frisian fonna, fone, fomne, which are variant forms of Old Frisian fāmne, fēmne meaning ‘young woman, virgin‘; from the Proto-Germanic faimnijǭ meaning ‘maiden, from Proto-Indo-European peymen girl, and poymen meaning ‘breast milk.

If the second etymology is correct, it was then combined with the Old English fǣmnemaid, virgin, damsel, bride, West Frisian famkegirl, and the Eastern Frisian fone, fonwoman, maid, servant,’ ironically, it also means ‘weakling, simpleton.

In short, the modern English word fun probably derives from an early medieval word meaning ‘foolish’, possibly combined with various older words meaning ‘virgin maid’.

So, ‘foolish’ and ‘girl’ come together to spell out “fun” – what else’s new?