Nempimania [Noun.]

Nempimania (also Nenpimania) is an obsession with getting the best fuel economy (or the best only-electric range) possible from a hybrid car.

It is derived from the Japanese words nempi, a contraction of nenryōshōhiryō, meaning fuel economy, and mania, meaning a craze of some kind.

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The word acetabuliform means ‘saucer-shaped’.

tram/car crash in Den Haag, the Netherlands

A tram and car crash in Den Haag, the Netherlands

The word accismus means ‘the pretence of turning down something desperately wanted’.

In 1996, 12 people in Britain were rushed to hospital after a paperclip accident.

In 1999, the odds of being killed in a car crash in Britain were slightly less than being killed in an accident inside your own home.

In Britain in 1993, three people needed hospital treatment as a result of accidents with their tea-cosies.

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