“When asked…” Anecdotes

When asked why he had a horseshoe on his door, physicist Niels Bohr answered, “Of course I don’t believe in it, but I understand it brings you luck, whether you believe in it or not.”

When asked in a radio interview if she thought the barriers of the British class system had broken down, Barbara Cartland answered, “Of course they have, or I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to someone like you.”

When asked by a priest, “Do you forgive your enemies,” the dying Spanish general Ramon Blanco y Erenas answered, “No, I don’t have any enemies. I’ve had them all shot.”

1 thought on ““When asked…” Anecdotes

  1. You did, Kuba!! you did. I adore what I am reading NOW.
    I shared on FB (mostly FBbbers) & on IN: 20th Century habitualists!! I connected through my WP account (does get read occasionally)
    Today: Hmm…???…lots to do things, of course but: what about 22nd Century stuff?? Nothing, although it led me to your lovely site. Well: with still 85 years to arrive at the next century: lots of time ONLINE every day from TODAY to USE 100%.

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