Poll: Philosophy

Have you ever found yourself theorizing on the best courses of action for humanity? Here are a number of questions to help you find out which philosophy best suits you. Mull it over. Enjoy the thought process.

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Philosophy

  1. Descartes:
    Probably through reason people found societies to make sense; God gave me the faculty of reason, so I should use it; I can reason through any argument to get the truth; Guided by reason, all is well; Clever reasoning is beautiful.

    Through the common understanding that there are some things that people should and shouldn’t do as a group of people as a whole; God really doesn’t enter into philosophy, per se; Truth is universal, so as long as we can universalize the statements, they will have meaning; Anyone can rule by following basic principles; Beauty comes from morality.

    Through sacrifice of natural right for the greater protections laws would provide; God is dead; (While shaking a fist at them) I have your truth right here!; Whoever is strongest; Strength is beautiful.

    Though a push towards higher beauty and Truth; You can’t separate God from the ideal of supreme good; There’s no other discussion of merit to have but one about Truth; The ideal state is when kings are philosophers, and philosophers are kings; Beauty is truth.

    Through a slow reduction of man to a state where there is nothing great left; Good character comes from God; A great person creates truth; Whoever can break the status quo; Who cares about beauty?

  2. On truth, I agree with Plato. I discounted Descartes’ “clever reasoning is beautiful” because of the word “clever.” Somehow clever implies subterfuge, subtle bias, an intent to fool. Artful.

  3. I get the same impression – I’m thinking that Descarte needed a better editor.

    Descarte walked into a bar and ordered a drink. When he had finished it, the bartender asked if he’d like another. Descarte said, “I think not,” and ceased to exist.

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